Melissa Wood’s Favorite Veggie-Packed Lunch Wrap—With A Twist


If you’re like me and have grown tired of the daily salad grind, health and fitness coach Melissa Wood recently shared a delicious recipe to her Instagram that’s easy to customize to your personal taste—a salad wrap! If you aren’t a fan of tomatoes or any other ingredient in the recipe, no biggie. Just swap them out for a vegetable you love and you’ll soon have a meal you actually look forward to eating.

Although this recipe is already chock full of colorful veggies, we have one suggestion to provide an extra (yet subtle) punch of nutritional goodness: a tablespoon of mbg’s organic veggies+. Featuring a 31-ingredient USDA-certified organic blend of organic leafy greens, sea veggies, prebiotic fibers, probiotics, and more, this greens powder supports both healthy digestion and a balanced gut microbiome.* Simply mix it in with whichever dressing you choose to adorn this flavorful lunch, or sprinkle a tablespoon on top before wrapping up your colorful creation.


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