The Best Adsense Alternative Is Ezoic (of 2023)

One of the most well-liked ad technology platforms for publishers wishing to monetize with advertisements is Ezoic. Ezoic, an official Google advertising partner, uses AI to present relevant adverts to your audience while maintaining a top-notch user experience.

Why Ezoic?

If  you a blogger or content producer who has put forth a lot of effort to offer your viewers something of value, if  you operate a popular website  you should get paid for it! You should be paid as a content creator for the time and value you put into your work.

The landscape of online advertising has significantly transformed in recent years. Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere. To make an extra dollar, it is simply insufficient to install a standard banner ad on your website. Today’s internet users have a condition known as banner blindness, which causes them to unconsciously ignore advertisements (or anything that look like adverts!)

To combat this, you should make your advertisements look non-traditional and place them in unorthodox but unobtrusive locations. Ads shouldn’t be too few, nor should there be too many.

Additionally, you must keep in mind the diversity of your audience. It’s not a good idea to show the same adverts to every visitor. Instead, selection of the ads should be influenced by aspects like content, search activity, age, sex, geography, and marital status.

It would be impossible to account for everything. Fortunately, there are ad platforms like Ezoic that take care of the labor-intensive tasks.

This publishing platform called Ezoic allows website owners to monetize their websites. To increase sales, Ezoic use artificial intelligence to display the proper advertising at the proper frequency. Ezoic concentrates on both improving the ad income and the user experience of your website.

How Much Can I Earn on Ezoic?

An average publisher on Ezoic earns between $12 – $18 per 1,000 visits.

Typically Ezoic outperforms Google AdSense and other ad networks. But unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to tell how much you can earn before you try the platform.

There are so many things going on that affect the potential earnings. These include:

  • Niche
  • Content length
  • Advertisement strategy (UX-focused, revenue-focused, etc.)
  • Seasonality
  • Audience location
  • Global economy

And more.

Who Is Ezoic Ideal For?

Website owners that want to monetize their sites with adverts might choose Ezoic as a partner. Here are some instances of users for whom Ezoic excels, despite the fact that it works well for a wide range of users:

Bloggers:  For bloggers and content producers, Ezoic is perfect. The fact that Ezoic is a recognized Google advertising partner is excellent news for publishers. Ezoic has the potential to raise your ranks in addition to increasing your ad revenue.
Leading brands: Ezoic typically increases ad revenue by a nice 50%. Additionally, the annual traffic growth is also very near that 50% threshold. For huge brands trying to expand and monetize through ads, this is fantastic news.
One-page web applications:  Ezoic provides services to help single-page web applications increase their ad revenue.

How Does Ezoic Work?

Ezoic serves advertising on your website with artificial intelligence. The system is designed so that it gathers information about your audience and trains the machine learning model in the background to provide the appropriate kinds of adverts.

This implies that the growth of Ezoic’s ad revenue is gradual. This could take 4 to 12 weeks, especially if your website receives little traffic.

But Ezoic is a fantastic platform because of this. The AI will take its time to understand your target market and how to provide your visitors with the greatest adverts and user experience.

For instance, Ezoic might display less advertising to a member of your audience if they dislike ads. And Ezoic might offer more advertising to someone who really like advertisements or clicks on them more frequently. Additionally, the commercials are pertinent. Based on its examination of a visitor, the AI model predicts what advertising will be most appropriate for them to see.

Ezoic Key Features and Functionality

Due to the ubiquitous nature of advertisements today, website visitors have developed a condition known as “banner blindness.” This indicates that putting up a conventional ad banner promoting a random product is no longer successful.

Advertising must be properly optimized to be effective. The fact that each visitor is unique is one of the key difficulties. Some people don’t mind seeing or not seeing adverts, while others don’t want to view them. There are so many moving aspects involved in optimizing advertising on a blog that a complex system is needed to pull it done.

Ezoic does these actions. Ezoic serves advertising to your audience using the most recent AI developments. In order to make better advertising judgments, Ezoic gathers visitor data.

With lots of data and tens of thousands of publishers, Ezoic has trained their AI to:

  • Improve UX
  • Increase site speed
  • Boost revenue
  • Improve the technical SEO aspects

And more.

To have a better idea of what the platform can accomplish for you, let’s take a deeper look at its primary features.

Serve Ads with AI

Ezoic optimizes the adverts for each visitor to your website using artificial intelligence. The usage of Ezoic’s AI-based ad optimization results in an average 50% increase in ad revenue.

You don’t really need to be concerned about Ezoic using AI because all of the optimizations happen in the background. As a result, using Ezoic doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You only need to be aware that every time someone visits your website, Ezoic makes judgements using AI.


Ezoic provides a fantastic platform for raising ad revenue while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

By serving each visitor differently based on their preferences, it is possible to maximize revenue.

For every visitor, a normal blog article or page looks the same. However, guests arrive in many sizes and shapes. Visitors can have strong feelings about advertisements or not. Additionally, visitors vary in a variety of ways, including region, age, sex, language, and many other things.

The advertiser must take into account each of these factors in order to optimize income. The quantity of advertisements, their locations, and overall techniques on Ezoic differ from visitor to visitor. This is the key to the platform’s success.

Ad Tester

Your website will have split-testing and artificial intelligence-based ad testing capabilities thanks to Ezoic.

To be more precise, Ezoic collaborates with all major ad networks and uses machine learning algorithms to maximize the value of your ad inventory.

You can drag and drop ad placeholders to testing sites by using the Ezoic Chrome extension to put the ad testing into action. On your best-performing pages, you can test multivariate experiments in this manner.

When using the ad tester, aim to maximize both user experience and revenue. You may leave the rest to Ezoic, who will tailor each visit to your objectives.

Some of the benefits of the Ad Tester include:

  • Giving visitors a unique ad experience balanced with a great user experience.
  • Choosing the best ad type for each visitor’s needs.
  • Optimizing the ad sizes for each location on your pages and posts.
  • Placing ads based on historical data to maximize performance.
  • Not crowding less valuable ad space.

Header Bidding

To auction off the ad space on your website, Ezoic uses header bidding. In case you’re new to the advertising world, allow me to first define header bidding.

Header bidding basically means:

  • A user accesses your page.
  • Ezoic quickly organizes a speedy auction. Companies bid against one another in this auction to have their ads displayed to your visitor.
  • The winning company is the one with the highest offer. As payment, your visitor sees their advertisement.
    A header bidding auction happens instantly behind the scenes, unlike a traditional auction.

This is a great way to maximize ad revenue as you only show ads for companies that paid you the most.

Ezoic offers header bidding for the following ad types:

  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Link Ads
  • Sticky Ads


Ezoic is a technology platform that outperforms your typical ad networks and setups by at least 50%.

An ad network is not Ezoic. It is a flexible publishing platform and a partner in advertising that optimizes your website for both parties.

The potential for higher earnings increases with increased traffic. You and Ezoic both gain from this. For this reason, Ezoic makes every effort to maintain a pleasant user experience (UX) while generating additional ad money.

Keep in mind that it frequently takes time for a website to realize all of its financial potential. This is due to the lengthy nature of the data collection process. The AI needs access to sufficient data in order to effectively optimize the adverts on your website. For the first couple of weeks on Ezoic, the performance is excellent. But after 6–12 weeks on the platform, it really shines.

Don’t forget that the season plays a role as well. The most effective advertising months often occur at the end of Q3 and peak in Q4. On the other side, early Q1 and Q2 are the weakest quarters of the year.

 Video Player


Your website will get video advertising added by Ezoic Video Player. These videos are hosted on your website, and search engines will index them to increase traffic. In this manner, you will reap the most rewards from bidders who contend for exclusive ad space.

The functions of the video player are simple to use. To find out what performs well and looks well, you can test and add video material to your pages.

 Easy Entrance Requirements

The fact that there are no severe traffic restrictions for joining Ezoic is one of its major characteristics. On many other sites, such as Newor, where you must have at least 30,000 monthly page views, this is not the case.

Even with fewer than 10,000 monthly page visits, you can enjoy Ezoic’s revenue services. Although anyone can apply, not all publishers will be automatically approved into the program.

The process of onboarding is simple. It only requires 1-3 hours of your time from sending the application to placing advertising on your website. (However, the approval procedures may require a week or more.)

The customer support is friendly and available at all times. You can always pick up a call if you are stuck.


Ezoic uses a standard NET-30 basis for all payments. In other words, you get paid 30 days after the end of the month when you earned.

For example, if you earned $100 on February 7th, you’ll be paid on March 27th-31st.

The payments always take place on time. Besides, there are lots of payment options to match the publisher’s needs. These options include:

  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer through Payoneer
  • Direct deposit (for the US only)

The minimum payment threshold on Ezoic is only $20 which is much lower than Google AdSense, in which the limit is $100.

 Affiliate Program

You will automatically become a publisher in Ezoic’s fantastic affiliate program. As an Ezoic affiliate, you get a recurring commission of 3% for a publisher referral’s lifetime revenue.

For instance, as long as the person you referred to Ezoic remains on the platform and earns $1,000 each month from ads, you will receive a $30 commission each month.

Of course it takes time to direct someone to an advertising platform. Additionally, the majority of Ezoic publishers are small publishers, thus your earnings from a few referrals won’t amount to much.

Ezoic Pros and Cons

Each advertising platform and ad network has advantages and disadvantages. The same is true of Ezoic. There is a lot of good, but there is also some negative that you should be aware of. Let’s examine Ezoic’s benefits and drawbacks as a publisher platform.


Higher Income
earnings that are usually substantially more than those from AdSense or other ad networks. For instance, if you use Google AdSense, it’s not difficult to see your ad revenue increase by 50% to 250%.

Ezoic uses AI to present your viewers with the most pertinent advertising. Additionally, there are solutions that can assist your site load faster and enhance the user experience of your advertisements.

Simple to Set Up
Setting up Ezoic advertisements is not that difficult. Only a few hours of your time are required, in addition to some communication with the onboarding team. The team is really helpful and responds to emails within a short period of time.

Free Trial
The fact that Ezoic’s services are free for the first 30 days is one aspect I adore. This implies that you get to keep every dollar you make throughout that time.

Additionally, the price is reasonable. To recoup the costs of the service, you can decide to display an Ezoic advertisement on your website. Alternately, you can give Ezoic 10% of your advertising earnings.

Efficient Onboarding Team
The onboarding crew is very active and helpful. For me, they responded to all of my emails in less than a day, and frequently much less!

Zero Contracts
There are no agreements to be signed. You can therefore arrive and depart anytime you like. The feeling of independence is always wonderful, and it demonstrates how much the platform trusts their service by forgoing the necessity to bind you.

Intelligent Analytics
The analytics are really thorough. I’ve been using Google Analytics for a while, but since I joined Ezoic, I’ve switched to utilizing Ezoic analytics because of all the features they’ve added.

Excellent Affiliate Program
You’re automatically enrolled in an affiliate program. On any user you refer to the platform, you will receive a recurring compensation of 3% of their revenue.


You Have to Wait
Although the Google approval procedure could take a while, this isn’t always an Ezoic problem. Unfortunately, it took me two weeks from the day I contacted Ezoic until the adverts started appearing on my website.

Additionally, not every site is accepted by Ezoic, so you’ll need to wait for them to review your website.

Setup Downtime
Your site may be unavailable for 10 to 20 minutes while it is being set up. Only once does this occur.


When you sign up for a publisher platform like Ezoic, it’s important you have active support available at all times. Especially during the setup phase, you will have lots of questions that need quick answers to streamline the process of getting started.

Ezoic has two support systems:

  • Help Center
  • A ticketing system

The helpful support team does a great job of quickly answering your questions. The support team is happy to answer your questions about monetization, SEO, payments, referrals, and much more. Besides, you can always contact your account manager to find answers to publisher-specific questions.


Anyone can sign up with Ezoic.

If your site has less than 10,000 page views, you need to use the Access Now program portal to sign up. There are more specific instructions on the sign-up pages.

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