5 Simple Steps to Online Financial Success

Earn income online

5 Pointers for Online Income

Would you wish to increase your income? I mean, who wouldn’t?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be your own employer, not having to wake up to an alarm clock, and be able to sleep whenever you want?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if money were to be deposited into your PayPal account while you were asleep, having a shower, or even cooking?

You may have all of these pastimes and complete control over your life if you start earning money online.

Don’t you think that sounds amazing?

Making money online is not hard but it takes time, a little bit of money, and a LOT of patience. You can’t expect to make money overnight, but with the help of the right system and advice from some trusted professionals, you can make a decent amount within your first few months of getting started. You will find along the way that many people that claim to have your best interest really don’t, so do some research before deciding who to work with. Before signing up for any kind of system, you first want to search to see if it’s legitimate or not. As enticing as some of the offers you first run across may be, you really want to see what else is out there before making a final decision. Many systems will require either a one time fee that usually ranges from $7- $97, or a monthly fee that can range anywhere from $25 to $100. There are two popular systems that I have recently ran across that have produced some of the top incomers in the industry are are helping many others reach their goals as you are reading this. These two systems have been the reason for life changing results and have given it’s successors financial freedom. So what are these two systems you ask?

So how can you get started right away, and by spending as LITTLE bit of money as possible?

1.) Start a website or blog.

Blogs are usually free and can be started on some of the more popular sites such as Blogger, Squidoo, and WordPress. You can make websites for free from sites such as webbuilder.com, but they may not look as professional because they won’t have a.com or.net domain. You can purchase domain names for cheap from sites like godaddy.com if you want to look more professional. You don’t have to worry about this as much when you’re first starting out. You’re main focus should be writing in your blog just about every day. You want to find a niche that you are really inspired to write about and focus only on that topic for a while. Jumping from topic to topic is not really a good idea until you get more experience.

If you do decide to buy a domain name for your website, you will also have to have webhosting. This will also require a monthly fee but like I said earlier; you will make your money back over time when your website becomes successful. Hostgator.com is probably one of the best web hosting services on the net.

2.) Promote your writings.

You want to get as many visitors to your site as humanly possible. This is how you are going to start making money.

Visitors=traffic, traffic=leads, and leads= money!!!

You want to submit your writings to every website possible and post backlinks every chance you get. You can submit your article to directories such as EzineArticles, and pinballpublishernetwork. These websites will review your articles for free and accept them to their website. If it’s not good enough, the good news is that they will give you tips on how to fix your article. Don’t feel bad or get discouraged if your article isn’t accepted for a while. In a few months your articles will be so good that you will have people begging to read them.

3.) Get tons of traffic directed to your posts.

You can have the best written and most creative websites and blogs on the internet, but none of that matters if you don’t ever get any visitors to your pages. Traffic can be paid for, which is usually a quicker way to get traffic but also a pricey one. It can cost hundreds of dollars to buy paid traffic. However, there is a website called fiverr.com where you can pay people $5 for services they are offering, including sending you leads and traffic to your pages. You may be able to get paid traffic faster, but why pay when you can put in a little extra effort and get it for free. Backlinks are one of the best ways to get traffic. Backlinks is a link posted on any site that links back to another website. To Google and other search engines, the number of backlinks you have is a big deciding factor on where your page ranks in the system. You can post backlinks on social media sites, or forums and content boxes on authority sites that relate to your niche. This is one of the TOP ways to get traffic to your page.

4.) Promote Affiliate Products.

Do you ever shop on Amazon or eBay? Did you know that these sites will pay YOU to promote their products? These usually require you to have your own business or be apart of one, but they are still good ways to earn some extra cash. Clickbank.com is one of the best affiliate sites to promote for. All you have to do is sign up, choose a popular product that is already generating sales, write an article about the product, and then promote it, just as you would promote your website or blog. For each item you sell you earn a percentage of the commissions. This may not seem like a lot at first, but as time goes on you will sell more products as long as your articles are catchy and you obtain leads along the way. If people like you, they will start to trust you and want to buy what you are recommending. Once you form relationships and gather leads, you can build a list and send out emails promoting products. These people will tell their family and friends and before you know it, you will have a list with hundreds of names to promote to.

5.) Rinse and Repeat.

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